Schedule an Annual Hearing Test

Schedule an Annual Hearing Test

Most people won't notice right away that their hearing ability is diminishing.  It often takes years for people to notice symptoms, like having to turn the television up or having to ask people to repeat themselves more often. This is due to the gradual nature of hearing loss. As your hearing continues to get worse, you might end up finding yourself avoiding group situations, loud restaurants and things you typically enjoyed.

Accepting that one of our major senses isn't working can be difficult, but monitoring your hearing health is an important part of your overall health.  The inability to hear well has been linked to diabetes, depression and a potential decline in cardiovascular health. 

But there's good news! Nowadays, hearing can be tested just as easily as vision, and most cases of hearing loss can be corrected just as easily.  There's no need for you to suffer the isolation of withdrawing from your social life, just because you feel like you can't be part of the conversation anymore.

An annual hearing test provides a baseline measurement of your hearing ability. It will measure how you perceive the world on a day-to-day basis.  And, if you continue getting annual tests over the years, it will measure your hearing health, using your original baseline measurement for comparison. Most importantly, an annual hearing test will catch any hearing loss you may experience at the outset, so that you will always be part of the conversation and live life to the fullest.

Call and schedule a hearing assessment today and be on your way to better living!

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